BC Mineral Exploration - Portable Assessment Credits (PAC) For Sale

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We currently have a significant amount of Portable Assessment Credits (PAC) available for purchase.

If your company or project would benefit from additional time and exploration credit without incurring the full cost of such exploration then you might consider purchasing portable assessment credits to significantly enhance the value of work done.

A brief explanation from the BC Mineral Titles Information Update 20 (Nov 4, 2015) outlines the provisions for using these credits.


30% PAC WITHDRAWAL: Section 9(3) of the Regulation states that up to 30% of the total technical work value required for the registration of a statement of work can be taken from the titleholder’s PAC account and applied to the claim(s) along with the technical exploration and development being registered to top up the work program. The PAC amount is debited by Mineral Titles staff once the assessment report has been approved. This 30% credit withdrawal may be used with each registration of technical work.

100% PAC WITHDRAWAL: Section 9(4) of the Regulation provides that when there has been a minimum of 10 years of approved exploration and development work recorded or registered on a claim, the recorded holder may apply credits from their PAC to satisfy the value of assessment work requirements to maintain that claim for up to 5 years. This can be done only once in the lifetime of a claim, regardless of whether the maximum five years or less credit is registered. For this purpose, the value of credit is calculated on the basis of $40 per hectare per year.


Contact us today for more information and to discuss how these Portable Assessment Credits can help in your exploration and claim maintenance.