Gold Junction Fraser River Gold Claim For Sale
Gold Junction Fraser River Gold Panning
Gold Junction Fraser River BC Gold Mine Map

Gold Junction - Placer Gold Claim - Thompson River, BC

$3,500.00 Sale price Contact us for more info on this opportunity

Claim: 1060932
Type: Placer Gold Claim
Location: Lytton, British Columbia

This is a unique placer claim encompassing the junction of two great rivers. Sitting right in Lytton at the confluence of the mighty Fraser and Thompson this claim has it all - a great mix of bedrock, lots of cobble, and some large boulders.

As water levels in both rivers drop significantly from mid-summer onwards this claim provides a large flat perfect for high banking.  Plenty of opportunities for bedrock sniping also exist along both sides of the Thompson River.

There are very few claims with this mix of accessibility and ground that's suitable for everything from a recreational or family outing to some serious hand mining.


Please note that a valid BC Free Miner Certificate is required from you before any title transfer can occur.  If you would like more information on acquiring a FMC please click here.

In accordance with BC Mineral Tenure Act Section 60.2 - This property is offered for mining purposes only and ownership of the title does not include ownership of the surface rights or the right to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.