Mining Claims Title Purchase and Transfer Process

We get it - you just bought your new claim and you want to get to work!  Once you have placed your order for a title, here is what will happen.
  1. We will review your order to ensure we have all the necessary details - including your FMC# - so that we can initiate the title transfer.
  2. We will process your payment (we do not disburse funds to the claim owner until after we have validated title transfer initiation in the next step).
  3. We will ensure the title transfer process is initiated within the MTO system.
  4. We will issue an order confirmation indicating that everything has been successfully processed on our end.
  5. At this point you should have received an email from the MTO system letting you know that your new title is ready to be delivered to you and you can login to the BC MTO site to receive it.  From the date of the transfer initiation you have 30 days to login to your MTO account and accept the title.

You can expect this process to take from 3-5 business days.  We will contact you if there is any issue with your payment or other details.

Our Title Guarantee
We want you to have peace of mind in your purchase from us and we stand behind our listings by warranting that upon full payment for the purchase of a claim title (or portion thereof as is indicated by the listing) that it will be transferred to you.  In any instance where the initiation of title transfer has not occurred within 30 days of your full payment for the claim we will provide a full refund or credit at your discretion.
Please note that due to the nature of mining claims that all claims are sold “as is, where is” and as the purchaser you acknowledge you are relying solely on your own due diligence in proceeding to purchase.  We do not offer refunds except in a case where, for unforeseen reasons, a title transfer cannot be completed due to an issue on OUR end.
In accordance with BC Mineral Tenure Act Section 60.2 - Properties are offered for mining purposes only and ownership of the title does not include ownership of the surface rights or the right to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.

Your Required Details
It is YOUR responsibility as the purchaser to ensure that all necessary details including a valid Free Miner Certificate (FMC) are provided to us so that we can complete the title transfer.  In a situation where full payment has been made but an FMC or other necessary detail has not been provided to complete the transfer we reserve the right to relist the title after 30 days.  If payment has been made but either not in full or the requisite details to complete title transfer have not been provided then will provide credit towards any other property currently available for a period of 90 days from the date of the last received payment.

Our Services Guarantee
Our services are there to add value to your mining efforts and we will make every reasonable effort, and then some, to ensure that we are successful for you.  All of our services are offered on a pay for performance basis - we don't receive payment until we are successful.

Brokerage and Listing Services - When listing and/or brokering claims we reserve the right to be selective and present only those properties that we feel add value to our customers.  In some instances we may require more detail, photos, or other information before agreeing to list your claim.

Staking Services - When engaging us for staking services it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you have provided the correct claim and cell information.  We will charge you for services when we are successful in staking the ground as indicated in the instructions you have provided.
In an instance where we make an error on OUR end, we will provide a refund or credit, at your discretion, for the amount charged for the error.  In such an instance and/or its authorized agent(s) will retain ownership of any title(s) staked in error.

In no event will our liability extend beyond the funds paid to us.
If you have questions you can always contact us at any time.