Claim Listing Service

Claim Listing Service

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Offering you proven results through our prominent website and sales channels is at the heart of our listing and brokerage service.  Our proprietary market analysis, broad reach, and professional listing assistance will help you obtain maximum value from your claims.

How does this work?
High quality presentation is essential to attracting the widest possible interest in your property.  We'll work with you through every step and we've made it easy for you to get started.
  1. Enter your claim ID and select your desired asking price range
  2. Select "Add to cart" and complete the checkout to submit your details

All of our individual listing services are offered on a transparent pay-for-performance basis at a fixed percentage (generally 10-20%) of the transaction value - we only receive payment once we have successfully sold your property.  We offer customized services for multiple listings and properties valued at $25,000+, if this applies to you please contact us for further info.

When you initiate a claim listing a small charge of $100 is authorized (but not charged) at checkout, on your credit card. After we review your submission we will get in touch with you for photos, claim information, and to finalize all listing details, pricing, and fees. There is no charge to you until we are successful in selling your property.