Vanishing Point Fraser River BC Gold Mine For Sale
Vanishing Point Fraser River BC Gold Claim For Sale
Vanishing Point Fraser River BC Gold Mining Old Channel
Vanishing Point Fraser River Gold Mine Map
Vanishing Point Fraser River Gold Claim Map

Vanishing Point - Placer Gold Claim - Fraser River, BC

Claim: 1060507
Type: Placer Gold Claim
Fraser River - Lillooet, British Columbia

Located within 3 hours from nearly all major centres in Southwest BC and covering just over 100 acres this claim has enough room for years of exploration.  A year-round gravel road comes within 300 meters of the claim boundary and also leads to vehicle accessible camp spots to the south.  A quad trail exists on the claim that can be taken down to the lower benches and river.

This claim has a rich history with three recorded hand mining sites from the mid-1800s within its boundaries - including two bench operations and a bar.  Evidence of this history abounds in the hand stacked cobbles throughout the claim.  The ground features approximately 45 acres of mineable bench area, a potential remnant of the river's prior course.  The present river channel courses through the eastern edge of the claim providing about 750 meters of water access including a bedrock exposure, cobble fields, and a bar that emerges as the river recedes from late summer onwards.


Please note that a valid BC Free Miner Certificate is required from you before any title transfer can occur.  If you would like more information on acquiring a FMC please click here.

In accordance with BC Mineral Tenure Act Section 60.2 - This property is offered for mining purposes only and ownership of the title does not include ownership of the surface rights or the right to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.